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Dylan Social Media References

4/8/20 YouTube: Howard Stern from 11/2019 YouTube: Stephen Colbert on CONAN 3/31/20 YouTube: David Spade discusses Dylan’s new song release. “Bob is staying current. He’s got a song about the Corona Virus it’s coming out in 2027thousand million!” 3/27/20 YouTube: BroadwayCom. … Continue reading

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Dylan Book References

9/9/19 Book: Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the  End of Classic Rock. Since the late 1960s, a legendary cadre of artists—including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Black Sabbath, and the … Continue reading

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Dylan News References

5/21/20 TV Show, News: MSNBC Morning Joe. Bob Dylan and the Basement Tapes and Joe Biden and the Basement Campaign! About 2 min. in. 5/8/20 TV Show, News: NYMC Mayor De Blasio on the Corona Virus, “A quote I often refer to … Continue reading

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Dylan Movie and TV References

6/2/20 Movie: Rocketman (2019). About 46 min. when Elton (23) first comes to US to play at the Troubadour in LA. Bernie says he likes the Hat hanging by the bar and the owner says, “I won that hat in … Continue reading

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Dylan Art, Museum, Music References

10/11/19 Music: Jared Weiss, Dylan on Dylan performance, Feinstein’s/54 Below, NYC 9/4/19 Museum, Library: Library of Congress email for crowdsourcing Alan Lomax’s work: Calling all music fans! We’ve got something new we think you’re going to love! Today we’re launching … Continue reading

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Dylan Podcast References

6/3/20 Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron. Interview with G.E. Smith. Talk about Bob and Pink Floyd fans being fanatical. People think that song was written for them even though they know Bob didn’t know who they were. The songs speak … Continue reading

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Dylan’s Winter Days, 2019

Dylan and His Band performed an amazing set during his 10-run residency at the Beacon Theater, Nov 23-Dec 6, 2019. I was blessed and lucky to be able to attend 3 of the shows, Nov 26, Dec 2, and Dec … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan and Minstrelsy!

This is an examination of the merging of two seemingly disparate works; one scholarly and one musical. Love and Theft: Black Face Minstrelsy and the American Working Class, by Eric Lott. (1995). “Lott exposes minstrelsy as a signifier for multiple … Continue reading

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American History or What I Learned from Reading the Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction

Ninety-plus books and 6 years later, I accomplished a feat so outrageous I can hardly believe it. I read, in reverse chronological order, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction list. Encouraged by a friend and avid reader, I worked my way … Continue reading

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The Origins of Automated Ice

Originally posted on Books, Health and History:
By Danielle Aloia. Special Projects Librarian This August, for most of us, ice is a second thought:  easily obtained for cooling drinks and chilling food, and usually only a few steps away.   An…

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