Dylan Movie and TV References


Movie: Rocketman (2019). About 46 min. when Elton (23) first comes to US to play at the Troubadour in LA. Bernie says he likes the Hat hanging by the bar and the owner says, “I won that hat in a bet with Bob Dylan.”  And a Dylan Digs Elton newspaper headline flashes.


Movie: Seberg (2019). At end plays cover of Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues by Nina Simone.


TV Show: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Elle Fanning interview. She has Bob Dylan’s harmonica (4.27min). She got her love of Bob Dylan from Cameron Crow, during the filming of We Bought A Zoo (2011–soundtrack includes Buckets of Rain). He would play Dylan all the time when she was 13 and she became obsessed. One of the producers of the movie Low Down (2014) gave it to her after filming. The harmonica is from his 2012 tour.


Movie: Goldfinch (2019). Plays cover of It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue by the group Them, while Theo is packing his bags getting ready to leave Vegas for New York after his father’s death.


Movie: Don’t Think Twice (2016). Plays a cover version of Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright, by Roger Neill.


Movie: Cell (2016). About 50 min. in, John Cusack’s character asks [Samuel Jackson?] “Do you think Bob Dylan’s a phoner?” Meaning a “zombie”!!


TV Show, Commercial: Zillow commercial uses Shelter From The Storm.


Movie: The Kitchen (2019). Plays cover of Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright, by Melanie at Claire’s funeral.


TV Show: Saturday Night Live. Chris Martin plays Shelter From the Storm.


Movie: Zombieland: Double Tap (2019). Driving in the car Berkeley is singing Like A Rolling Stone. At Babylon in the drum circle. Madison says to Berkeley you’re not a songwriter your a transcriber. “Even a fucking 12 year old knows who Bob Dylan is.” About an hour and half in.


TV Show: Katy Keene, S1, E8: It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding).

Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody (2018). Near the end their manager is talking them into playing Live Aid with … and Bob Dylan!


TV Show: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen interview with Huey Lewis fanned out on Bob Dylan during We Are The World recording. Also, they play a game: What’s the correct lyrics to the song…use Blowin’ in the Wind.


TV Show: Desus and Mero interview with John Mulaney.

He talks about how bad Bob Dylan is now! “Bob Dylan if you go see him now is not that great!” “He looks like an old Egyptian woman.” Desus and Mero explaining Dylan to the crowd, “He was the Justin Bieber of his day.” Mulaney: “The Chicago Bulls were Bob Dylan in their day but now they suck.” He is wearing a Swimming to Cambodia button, which I am curious about.

TV Show: See Mulaney on Jimmy Fallon, 2018. See YouTube interview with Desus and Mero above


Movie: Dazed and Confused (1993). Plays Hurricane in beginning with Matthew McConaughey saying Alright, Alright, Alright.  Movie takes place in 1976.


TV Show: Outlander, S3, E4 (Aired Oct 2017). Plays acoustic cover of A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall at the end. See Vulture review.


TV Show: Academy Awards ceremony. Renee Zellweger mentions Bob Dylan in her Academy Award speech.

See Vulture article

No, the best among us who inspire us to find the best in ourselves. They unite us. When we look to our heroes, we agree, and that matters. Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Dolores Huerta, Venus and Serena and Selena, Bob Dylan, Scorsese, Fred Rogers, Harriet Tubman. — Renee


TV Show, Article: in Ringer. Pure Magic: The Oral History of Prince’s Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show. Only three mentions of Prince’s cover of All Along the Watchtower.

Morris Hayes (Prince musical director, keyboardist): He said he wanted to do the greatest Super Bowl show ever done. He just said, “We really want to think about what we do and not be like everybody else.” We kind of sat in the studio and talked it out. He’s like, “I like this Foo Fighters song.” And “All Along the Watchtower.” He just started thinking about the show and piecing it together in his head.

Shelby J. (vocalist): When we started looking at the songs on the set list, I was seeing like, “Best of You” and “Watchtower.” This dude is planning a show. And the way his mind works—it’s hard for me to speak of him in past tense—is to want it to be about the music and not do what everybody’s expecting, like come out and play “Raspberry Beret” and “Little Red Corvette” and then go into “Kiss.” He was paying homage to Ike and Tina Turner with “Proud Mary.” And Queen! And then he mixed his music into that. It’s like, “No it’s not about me. It’s about the music, it’s about this moment.”

Charles Coplin (executive producer): So we were just sitting there holding these tissues listening to this music at high volume, trying to evaluate whether these were the right songs. And as we listened, “Proud Mary” and “Best of You” came on, which was really like, “Whoa.” And “All Along the Watchtower.” And then it went into that reworking of “Purple Rain.” It was just really, really beautiful and overwhelming and surreal.


Movie: Selma plays Odetta’s cover of Dylan’s Masters of War at the start of the last hour.


TV Show: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Patti Smith discussing Bob Dylan

TV Show: Mom S7, E11: Rolling Thunder Revue Poster. See 12/6/18 entry.


Picture of Bob in an episode of Mom on CBS.



Movie: Bad Santa 2 (2016). Plays Bob Dylan’s cover of Winter Wonderland.


Movie, Article: Saw Stockholm (2018) on STRZ.


New Yorker review of the film Stockholm, by Anthony Lane

“We learn, as the movie begins, that it is “based on an absurd but true story,” and Budreau keeps the bones of that story intact, although he fools around with the flesh—reducing the number of hostages, and stuffing the film with as much Bob Dylan as possible. At one point, a policeman enters the bank and gets shot in the hand by Kaj, who sits him down and orders him to sing along to Dylan’s “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You” on the radio. “What kind of cop doesn’t like Dylan? What kind of person doesn’t like Dylan?” Kaj asks. In real life, although a cop was indeed compelled to sing, he was allowed to pick his own tune. He chose Elvis’s “Lonesome Cowboy.” Talk about absurd.”


TV Show: Fear the Walking Dead, S5 E14 — Today and Tomorrow

Daniel Salazar gets records of “Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker and the Traveling Wilburys” and more. Wanted Charlie to listen to them. Grace picks up guitar and starts singing End of the Line. Salazar and Grace do an acoustic version of the song.

Podcast: Pod Dylan just last week reviewed a song from the Traveling Wilburys and referred to End of the Line as sweet and nostalgic; saying the records were not serious; just friends putting  music together.

TV Show: Talking Dead discussion of the use of the song in FTWD and how the band was named.


TV Show: Iconic Images of the 60s

Photographer discusses taking picture for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits album.


TV Show: Pandora CW series. Episodes named after Dylan songs. See Comicbook.com article.

Shelter From the Storm, Chimes of Freedom, Masters of War, I Shall Be Released, Most Likely To Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)


Movie: Passengers (2016) movie with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Plays Dylan’s Bootleg version of Like a Rolling Stone 7-8 mins in.

This preview does not include the Dylan song. This depicts the exact sequence in the movie where Pratt’s character, is fresh out of the shower, getting dressed while listening to Bob Dylan.


TV Show, Commercial: Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage TV Commercial, ‘More Than a …’ Featuring Rickie Fowler. Music by Bob Dylan, The Man in Me.


TV Show: TMZ discussion about child stars and their talent. Mentions Jakob as a singer, but Bob Dylan can’t sing!


TV Show: Channel 5 news in DC did a segment on Dylan’s diss of people taking photos during his performance. Filled with cheesy jokes and shameful negation of an extreme talent.


Movie, Article: New Yorker review of the film Stockholm, by Anthony Lane

“We learn, as the movie begins, that it is “based on an absurd but true story,” and Budreau keeps the bones of that story intact, although he fools around with the flesh—reducing the number of hostages, and stuffing the film with as much Bob Dylan as possible. At one point, a policeman enters the bank and gets shot in the hand by Kaj, who sits him down and orders him to sing along to Dylan’s Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You”on the radio. “What kind of cop doesn’t like Dylan? What kind of person doesn’t like Dylan?” Kaj asks. In real life, although a cop was indeed compelled to sing, he was allowed to pick his own tune. He chose Elvis’s Lonesome Cowboy. Talk about absurd.”


TV Show: Picture of Bob in an episode of Mom on CBS.



TV Show: Bob on Jimmy Fallon hawking his whiskey at Lincoln Center during The Big Apple Circus!


TV Show, Commercial: Western Governors University from Utah commercial seen in South Carolina and Chicago 5/7/19. Cover of  Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin‘.


TV Show: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen interview with Juliette Lewis. She describes her fan struck experience with Dylan in an elevator. What happened when Bob Dylan recognized her in an elevator in NYC? She said “You’re Bob Dylan” and he said, “You’re Juliette Lewis.” “He knew my name and when I got out of the elevator I cried.” ~19min in.


TV Show, Movie: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah interview with M.I.A.

“M.I.A. talked about Bob Dylan and about her whole idea that pop music can be a force for cultural change. She also talked about the idea of reconciling the versions of her that grew up in Sri Lanka and in the UK, as well as the pop-star version of herself. ”


Talking about her music as conflict. Listening to Bob Dylan in her documentary and how music can be political. Will be going to see Matangi/Maya/MIA, Oct. 5, 2018. Just back from viewing. Mozambique plays in the background in 2001 when M.I.A. travels to Sri Lanka to film her family’s reaction to the war.


TV Show: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon interview with Kevin Hart about Jerry Seinfeld. Jimmy says to Kevin that his impression of Jerry is more like Bob Dylan.


TV Show: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon interview with Lenny Kravitz. Kravitz lets Jimmy play his Bob Dylan harmonica!


Movie, Article: RRStar movie review, Life Itself (2018).

“The film is already hilarious and emotional wrenching even before Chapter Two, about 8-year-old Dylan (Kya Kruse), sets out on a twisty-turny road that looks at the close relationship between her and her loving grandfather Irwin (Mandy Patinkin). The young girl’s first name figures prominently in the story as does the music of late-’90s Bob Dylan. And aspects of Chapter Two have direct correlations to Chapter One.”


TV Show: Everyone Knows…Elizabeth Murray. American Masters on PBS

Plays Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues while discussing artist Murray’s move to NYC in the 60s.



TV Show: Z Nation Season 3, Episode 8, Election Day

Doc “somebody needs to tell Miss Kaya to play some Jimmy Hendrix or Bob Dylan or Hank Williams, Jr.” about 3min in.


TV Show: The Walking Dead S7, E2, The Kingdom; plays Georgia State University Choir cover of Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.


TV Show: Deadwood, S2, E1 (2004). Plays Not Dark Yet during ending credits.


Movie: Song to Song (2017) with Patti Smith. Dylan’s Rollin’ and Tumblin’ plays in first half hour.


Movie: Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World. Netflix Documentary.

Contains footage of interviews. In one interview, Bowie mentions he has 10 songs to choose from but Dylan has like a hundred!


Movie, TV Show: Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation. 2012 documentary

Lots of Dylan footage from the 60s. Documents Dylan’s influence on music early in the movie. Susan Sarandon reads passages from Suzy Rotolo’s biography throughout the movie.


Movie, TV Show: I Am Not Your Negro. Documentary of James Baldwin’s perspective on race. Amazing. Dylan sings Only A Pawn In Their Game from Don’t Look Back at min 38.

TV Show: The Voice finale Red Marlow sings Make you Feel My Love aired 12/18/17.


TV Show: The Simpsons, Gone Boy, S29, E9; aired 12/10/17

Sinatra Ruins Dylan.png

Bart in record shop searching records:  Sinatra ruins Dylan!


TV Show: Ride with Norman Reedus S2, E6. New York, 35 min in.

Riding out to Bear Mountain talking about music’s greatest mystery. Dylan’s motorcycle accident! A new level of fame he disappeared to recover, or did he? There are no records of the accident.  Old Dylan song playing in the background. Honey, Come Home to Me? I can’t find this song anywhere!


TV Show: Modern Family, Under Pressure, S5, E12. Aired Jan 15, 2014

Manny on a double date with Luke. In middle of conversation says “If Bob Dylan was in it [a singing competition], he’d be voted out in the first round.”


TV Show: Jeopardy.

“Joyce Carol Oates dedicated “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” to Bob Dylan, and she has claimed that the story was influenced by Dylan’s haunting song It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” from SparkNotes


TV Show: The Voice, S13, E7.

Team Miley Battle – Brooke Simpson vs. Sophia Bollman: You’re a Big Girl Now.


TV Show: Big Bang Theory, S11, E3.

Sheldon dreaming aspects of himself, Counsel of Sheldon’s. Laid back Sheldon says “I’m just chillin’ like Bob Dylan.” Last 5 minutes of show.


TV Show: The Voice, S3, E1.

Blind auditions 15 year old Destiny Hope singing Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright, badly! at about 54.13.

TV Show: Speakeasy on Public TV, S2. Warren Zanes interview with Robbie Robertson, Oct 2016.


TV Show: Vietnam War documentary 

“Vietnam was a sideshow in 1962, under the broader foreboding of the Cold War, when Bob Dylan wrote A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, his chilling prophecy at the start of this album and the film.” See earlier post WTF podcast with Marc Maron.


TV Show: Hollywood Game Night “Keep It Unreal” Episode 510.  Musical Pillow Game…Dylan won Oscar, uses a stage name, didn’t record a song when he was 12, it was Stevie Wonder.


TV Show: The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon, Kyra Sedgwick, and Kevin Bacon. Sing a spoof of Blowin’ in the Wind. BuzzFeed article


TV Show: Jimmy Fallon Talks About Seeing Bob Dylan in Concert at Capitol Theater. I saw one of those shows!!


TV Show: Late Night with Seth Meyers. Bob Dylan persuaded John Mellencamp to sell his paintings.


TV Show: The Voice top 12 performances, Make you Feel My Love, by Adele??

http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/video/live-top-12-performances/3504887. 5.42


TV Show: Late Night with Seth Meyers — Scarlett Johansson on being in a Dylan music video…


TV Show: The Voice UK and US Dylan Covers.


TV Show: Dirty Dancing remake 2017. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright cover


TV Show: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Robbie Robertson on big pink days!

TV Show: Jimmy Fallon sings Drake’s Hotline Bling as a 1975 Dylan. 2016


TV Show: Charlie Rose Bon Jovi Interview on Bob Dylan’s influence.


TV Show: Life in Pieces. plays Dylan Shelter From the Storm at end of show.


TV Show: Watch What happens Live with David Crosby on Dylan’s reluctance to accept awards!


TV Show: Saturday Night Live with host Lin Manuel Miranda. Campfire singing Blowin’ in the Wind.

TV Show, Commercial: Nellie’s Free Range Eggs — Hens are Friends. Commercial featuring Dylan’s All I Want to Do.


TV Show: Black-ish, God, S3, E2 (2016). During montage of slavery scenes plays old Dylan version of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.


Movie: Catchfire. Dennis Hopper movie. Dylan cameo. 1990.

TV Show: Real Time with Bill Maher Overtime. Michael Moynihan says “I think they yelled Judas like the Bob Dylan concert.” 2016.

TV Show: Fresh off the Boat — Miracle on Dead Street. For Halloween kid wants to go as the Traveling Wilbury’s Bob Dylan, Tom Petty…Actually dresses like Tom Petty and has 4 pics of the others attached to his shoulders.

TV Show: The Walking Dead, TS-19, S1, E6 (2010). Ends with an early Dylan acoustic song from 1960s, Tomorrow is a Long Time Come.

TV Show: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Miley Cyrus does Dylan’s Baby I’m in the Mood For You.

TV Show: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Jokes about the Freewheelin’ Donald Trump

TV Show: Soundbreaking. PBS special on music history. Includes “the story of Bob Dylan’s recording of Like a Rolling Stone.”


TV Show: Simpsons episode, Gal of Constant Sorrow (2016). Dylan-like character pops up from the floor and says, “Oh, this place is dirtier than the tunnel.”


Movie: Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? (1971). Herb Gardner movie with Dustin Hoffman playing a Dylan-esque character.

Movie: Canadian Bacon (1995). Michael Moore movie with Alan Alda’s character quoting Blowin’ in the Wind lyrics as if they were his!

Movie: The Mighty Quinn (1989). Carl Schenkel movie with Denzel Washington as a Caribbean Cop.

Movie: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). Adam McKay movie. Narrator says: Bob Dylan wrote The Times They are a Changin’. Ron never heard that song.

TV Show: Super Bowl XLI (2007). Prince Halftime Super Bowl show played: All Along the Watchtower.

TV Show, Commercial: Mercedes Benz commercial “Snow Date” features a cover of Make You Feel My Love by Sleeping At Last. Ad link.

TV Show, Play: Madhouse on Castle Street (1962). London TV show/Play with Dylan. IMDb.

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